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Faithful Saint Coffee

Costa Rica San Diego

Costa Rica San Diego

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Cup Score: 86.5

Origin: Region Tarrazú
Altitude: 1200-1750
PRODUCER: San Diego Mill & Various smallholders
VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai
HARVEST TIME: November - March

Profile Notes: This coffee boasts a  plum, berry, sangria, and star fruit.

The San Diego Mill, established in 1888, stands as Costa Rica's most contemporary coffee mill, boasting over a century of continuous innovation. Specializing in coffees hailing from the Tarrazú and Tres Rios regions, San Diego prides itself on pursuing higher efficiency and quality benchmarks. Concurrently, the mill plays a pivotal role in collaborating with growers to foster positive community relations and foster sustainable production practices.

This specific batch of natural (dry) processed coffee originates from Costa Rica's Tarrazú region, cultivated by local farmers. These dedicated growers delivered their carefully picked cherries to the San Diego mill and its various satellite receiving stations. Upon arrival, meticulous sorting ensued, selectively choosing only the ripest, red cherries for this exclusive micro-lot. These cherries were methodically laid out, preserving their natural fruit covering while being consistently turned to ensure uniform drying and optimal air circulation. Post-hulling, the coffee underwent rigorous cupping by San Diego's quality control team, culminating in a meticulous sorting process to craft this distinctive, exuberantly fruity coffee experience.

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