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Faithful Saint Coffee

Brazil Doña Marta

Brazil Doña Marta

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Cup Score: 88.0

ORIGIN: Brazil - Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais
PRODUCER: Doña Marta
VARIETY: Arara, Catucai, Catuai
PROCESSING: Dry Process (Natural)
HARVEST TIME: December 2023 Arrival

Take your taste buds on a journey with Doña Marta. Rich berry tones, accompanied by robust cocoa and raw sugar notes, make this coffee a perfect addition to our Brazilian selection. Notes of blueberry, cooked plum, blackberry, and spiced rum add depth and complexity to this exceptional blend.

Indulge in the history and renewal of Brazil Doña Marta coffee. With a family legacy of coffee farming, the Doña Marta family has perfected their process with proper plant density and pruning techniques. The result is a premium, pest-free coffee with deep, rich flavors. Imported exclusively through an exporter.

This Brazilian coffee has truly stood out among the selection we've tasted, particularly when evaluated alongside other varieties. Its notable fruit-forward profile is remarkable, and upon further brewing, a nuanced enhancement of its bittersweet characteristics, resulting in a more balanced flavor profile compared to initial cup testing. The ground coffee emits an intense aroma, characterized by prominent berry notes with a delightful hint of wine-like sweetness, complemented by subtle undertones of rustic cocoa. Impressively, the wet aroma maintains this allure, with berry fragrances retaining their sweetness, reminiscent of blackberry pancake syrup.

While it is uncommon to ascribe the descriptor "juicy" to Brazilian coffee, this particular batch exhibits discernible notes of juicy fruits amidst a backdrop of resonant, bittering coffee tones. Moreover, its substantial body offers a buoyant sensation on the palate, enhancing the overall drinking experience. Notably, the roast revealed distinct blueberry notes, appealing to enthusiasts of 'dry process' coffee, followed by nuanced accents of cooked plum, winey blackberry, and a subtle trace of spiced rum. It is essential to clarify that this coffee is not akin to dry process Ethiopian coffee; although similar terminology may be utilized to describe its top notes, it possesses distinct rustic accents that establish its unique identity.


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