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Colombia Alianza Granjeros

Colombia Alianza Granjeros

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Cup Score: 87.0

This balanced Colombian single-origin bean offers a moderate sweetness with subtle accents of caramel apple and dried peach. Its hint of acidity adds a rindy finish. Roasted to Full City, it has a bittersweet bass note for a complex and flavorful cup. Great for espresso.

This unique coffee, Colombia Alianza Granjeros, delivers a sweet butterscotch and red fruit flavor with syrupy raw sugars. When roasted to City or City+ level, subtle accents of caramel apple and dried peach can be noted. Going a bit darker to Full City gives you a rich bittersweet flavor of dark chocolate and orange peel. Enjoy the complexity of this specialty Colombian coffee.

This Colombian Alianza Granjeros blend is made up from small producer coffees from the Buesaco area of Nariño Department. It comprises the Caturra and Variedad Colombia (F4 and F6 types) species, grown at 1700-2000m altitudes, and certified organic. Each lot is fully washed to highlight the rich flavor and create a superior cup.

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